Dealing With Death Essay

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In the midst of undergoing a serious life-altering incident, one often experiences the feeling of a paradigm shift. It is amazing to see how our perspectives of the world shift when forced to reflect on what is truly important. Such is the way with death. Being near death causes a sharp realization of what is truly important in life--love of family and friends, faith in God, and making the world a better place to live in--and enables one to not merely accept this, but apply it to their life as well. All those typical, average daily worries and concerns about homework, professional careers, food, sleep, personal grooming, etc., while important and necessary in everyday life must seem unbelievably miniscule when the death has wiped ones …show more content…
The sense of common courtesy and decency that has evaporated from our selfish society would replace the constantly critical, mean, and rude attitudes that prevail in our communities, therefore making our world a kinder place to live in. After the conscious comprehension that life will end, there must exist some element of becoming at peace with the world and accepting the inevitable. Just knowing for certain that no miracle of everlasting youth will be blessed upon one’s soul would lead to an overall acceptance of the way our world functions and one’s dynamic role in it. Then, through reflection and philosophizing change can occur.

The metamorphosis that takes place seems as if it would be so consuming that no area of one’s life would be left untouched by this newfound perspective on life. Petty concerns and worries are probably replaced by an overwhelming need to understand what happens after death has conquered the physical form. A sense of deep enlightenment would seem to fill the body and soul as one realizes the truly important things in life: God, family, friends, and emotions of love, happiness, and the sort. And then the actualization of this knowledge would create a need to apply such a perfect philosophy to one’s way of life before it is too late in order to better the world and develop a more perfect environment for others to enjoy. All these realizations would be so strong that they