Dealing With Public Speaking Essay

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COMMUNICATION ANXIETY is very common in the world of PUBLIC SPEAKING mainly because of fear. Maybe the speaker is not sure how the audience will accept or feel about their message, so the in the result of this fear ends up becoming sweaty palms, scrambled thoughts, and stuttering from the speaker, and as for the audience, skeptical thoughts. The good news is that by implementing distinctive steps within fundamentals, delivery, and research, once fearful speakers can generate massive confidence and drastically reduce and even remove speaking anxiety. The fundamentals of PUBLIC SPEAKING can also be considered the foundation of PUBLIC SPEAKING. In a nutshell fundamentals include having something to say, being organized, and knowing the…show more content…
An audience will most likely quickly shut out an “allness thinking” speaker; this is why it is vital that the speaker considers the FRAME OF REFRENCE when delivering a message. To avoid this damaging error, speakers should never assume, and always respect the differences that may occur between others. When speaking to an audience factors such as knowledge level, wants, expectations, and background should always be considered. Logically, it would not be wise for an individual to use excessive college level vocabulary while speaking to a classroom of kindergarten students. AUDIENCE CENTER can be achieved by picking an approach that will peak the interest of the audience. Giving the audience enlightenment that the audience can use in their own lives, this will yield value between the speaker and the audience; this value will produce more engagement. By the speaker knowing his/or her audience they are making it much easier on the audience to receive their message through relation, which in return makes it that much more easy for the speaker to get their point across. Would you like to know what really affects the way the listener perceives the speaker? PARALANGUAGE, PARALANGUAGE, PARALANGUAGE…… While presenting a presentation, the speaker should be aware of avoiding speaking too fast, or too slow. Maintaining a nice flowing

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