Dealing With Splitting Parents

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Splitting parents

Do know how to deal with splitting parents if you do not want them to divorce?It has happened to me and by doing these things it helped me get them back together. To deal with parents that are splitting up you have to know if they want to get back together and if they do tell them so, see if they will go to counseling, and keep them talking to each other and do not let them get out of contact.

Tell them they both want to get back together. They will just think it is over and there is not point in trying to work things out and get back together. Make sure you find out if they want to first. If you tell one and and the other does not want to there will be problems in the future. They will not get back together if you lied to them about something. It is even worse when it is about them wanting to get back together It also would not be the worst idea to say something when it does not seem out
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My parents started to go to counseling and both agreed they did not like the counseling or the counselor and started to talk just by themselves and it seemed to work, but going could help to. I think it just depends on the people going, but none the less it is a good option. It could help but make sure they both want to go because if they do not and one does not show up there could be some serious problems and they probably will not want to get back together.

Make sure the talk to each other, a good time if they share custody would be when one of them picks you up. If they start to argue with each other get them apart until the calm down. If they stop talking to each other they probably will not get back together. My parents only got back together because they wanted to talk and I made sure they did talk a lot and it helped them work things out. Without talking they do not know how each other feels and you can not relay messages for them the whole time.It is better if they talk to each other in
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