Dealing With The Problem As A Helpdesk Manager / Service Centre Manager

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1. The ways of dealing with the problem as a Helpdesk Manager/ Service Centre Manager The accompanying examination of Problem Management methods is proposed to give a pattern understanding of how issues issue determination and learning will be overseen by the Helpdesk. Overseeing issues and demands appropriately is a basic objective of the Helpdesk. Issue determination includes three essential gatherings of individuals: the Helpdesk, Service Providers, and Customers. This record characterizes the parts and obligations of each of these three gatherings and after that depicts the Problem Management demonstrate in subtle element including seriousness levels, need codes and administration level reaction goals • Basic level of help where administration projects are logged into the Helpdesk, triaged, troubleshot, and basic issues are determined. Illustrations of this incorporate fundamental "how to" inquiries, equipment diagnostics, watchword resets, account creation, and so on. • This level of backing is the place approaching client telephone calls or e- sends are logged into the DIT Helpdesk. The important issue or solicitation points of interest are acquired and the call is steered to a proper help asset. • This level of backing is not for the most part given by the Helpdesk. Notwithstanding, the call is gotten by the Helpdesk; they will log the call and endeavour to run the guest to a fitting asset. The first call might likewise go to an inside administration supplier

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