Dealing With Viral Social Media Blunders

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Dealing with Viral Social Media Blunders: The emergence of social media has not only transformed modern communications but it has also provided new, unique, and powerful opportunities for organizations to communicate. Most of these organizations and companies have used social media as a platform to promote their businesses through communicating with new, current, and potential clients and/or customers. As a result, social media is gradually developing as an important part of organizational strategy and marketing. However, since social media is relatively a novel discovery, there are several mistakes associated with it that are bound to occur. In most cases, social media postings are permanent and can become viral in a short period of time i.e. few days. Therefore, organizations need to carefully manage their communications in order to deal with the potentially damaging viral social media blunders. Viral Social Media Blunders: An example of a potentially damaging viral social media blunder is the Windows Phone challenge in Santa Clara Microsoft Store. The competition basically involves challenging people to complete a task quicker than a Windows Phone on their smart phone and potentially win a Special Edition Laptop. Individuals who get smoked by a Windows Phone would in turn have the chance of trading their current device for a Windows Phone (Katta par, 1). After participating in a challenge to display the weather of two different cities, one of the contestants won

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