Dealing with Differences Essay

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Dealing With Differences
Course Project
The four parts of this course project are laid out sequentially. Please complete one part of the project before proceeding to the next. Please do not submit your project for review until you have completed Part Four.

Part One
Analyze the Team's Cultural Differences
Naomi, the project manager for the group developing the new F.W. Inc. MicroWidget 3000, is aware that there are a number of potential pitfalls on a team as diverse as hers. Naomi asks you to analyze her team and make recommendations about the project management skills, behaviors and competencies she might need to exercise to make sure that she is appropriately leveraging the diverse perspectives on her team.

Look at the
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Team members with high power index countries are more likely to endorse the level of inequality than the team members from American and western countries where they believe relatively more in the level of equality.

Potential work subculture conflicts that might exist.

Team members with high PDI values would prefer to rely on authority figures to make decisions and clearly separate the roles of authority figures from those governed. So it is important to take into account that a more authoritarian role may be required in the decision-making process. Also the team members with low uncertainty avoidance index can be used to deal with more ambiguous situations than those who feel uncomfortable in these circumstances to avoid potential conflicts.

Part Two
Analyze the Team's Personality Style Differences
Using the MBTI column of your Project Member Profiles chart, create a project preference grid. Then, answer the following questions.

Employee | MBTI Profile | Learning Style Preference | Charles | INFJ | Active Experimentation; Abstract Conceptualization | Lukas | INFP | Reflective Observation; Abstract Conceptualization | Naomi | ENFP | Active Experimentation; Abstract Conceptualization | Sasha | ENFP | Reflective Observation; Abstract Conceptualization | Ernesto | ENFJ | Active
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