Dealing with Difficult People

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I’m a Food Service Manager with the Department of Corrections and in my twelve plus years tenor; I have supervised, work alongside and been the subordinate of some of the most difficult characters you will ever want to meet. Although, I will only mention a few such as; the manipulator, perfectionist, the defiant one, irresponsible, chronic complainer, procrastinator, substance abuser and thief these are just a few … there still remains too many to name. Conflict in the workplace is a painful reality and a key reason for poor productivity and frustration. Do you have people in your workplace that cause problems for everyone else? Do they create additional work for others? One point is clear--conflict does not magically go away and…show more content…
Let them know that their effectiveness and opportunities for advancement are limited by their current style of communication. After defining the problem, most will moderate the zingers. Those who don't will languish in their current position and most will eventually leave. “Do it tomorrow,” workers may not understand the rules and may not know what's expected of them. They may be procrastinators who don't know how to get started or simply don't know how to manage their time. Set rules and enforce them. Document repeated tardiness. Make it clear that if they're not at work on time, they'll have to make up the hours or their pay will be docked. As for the intoxicated worker, the root of the problem probably isn't something chronic like manic mood swings, but may be as brutal as drug or alcohol abuse. Keep an eye out for the signs of addiction. Talk to the employee privately. Don't cave to sob stories. If the worker is boozing, demand that they seek help. The problem requires constant checking. You're not a Sunday school teacher, and you can't run a business while waiting for an employee to develop morals. Some workers feel they're not paid enough and therefore help themselves to whatever they can grab. Others just feel entitled to as much loot as they can pilfer. It makes no difference. If the thievery continues after a stern warning, fire the worker; such people can do irreparable harm to the company. Keep in my most people have
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