Dealing with Oppression in Life

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Oppression is a matter that many people have to face daily while others are unaware of its existence. The definition of oppression by the Webster Merriam dictionary is the unjust or cruel act of authority or power. In other works is the unjustified mistreatment of a group of people by the majority in society. This is the type of treatment that many people faced when discriminated, many times the person is exposed to cruel treatment and abused based on their color, nationality, gender orientation or religious believes. Oppressed people are forced to adapt and cope with certain behaviors that are not their own; the combination of power and discrimination. Oppression at the workplace is a very interesting subject since many have been victims of this type of behavior and have not been aware. Before this course this was an unknown subject, but I have been a witness of such behavior. Sometimes at the workplace people become friends and tent to created small groups and seclude some of the workers causing an uncomfortable environment. In others cases, the manager would use their authority to assign the harder task to someone the manager does not like in hopes he or she might resign. If this person is aware of their rights he or she might be able to stop the behavior by been able to expose the managers motives. This type of behavior should be avoided at any workplace but when is present it should not be tolerated since it creates an unhealthy atmosphere. The best way to deal with
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