Dealing with Social Conflicts in the Military

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Conflict is an inevitable whenever people - whether close friends, family members, co-workers or romantic partners – disagree about their perceptions, desires, ideas or values. Regardless of the substance of the disagreement, conflict arouses strong feelings. The population 's tolerance for reinterpretation of institutional values, beliefs, norms and ethics rose significantly due to significant changes in American social norms in the 20th Century. This tolerance, in conjunction with a transition to the primacy of personal rights over institutional needs has resulted in a society where the good of the many has become subordinated to the good of a few. It has been said that if society as a whole were more like the military in this regard,…show more content…
Many on each side of the issue cite the alleged physical and mental differences between males and females, the effect of the presence of the opposite sex on the battlefield, and the traditional view of male soldiers as arguments both for and against women being employed as soldiers under combat situations. Since very few countries employ a fully integrated military, there are few references available to prove or disprove the arguments. Although women are recruited to serve in the military in most countries, only a few countries permit women to fill active combat roles.

Conflict Resolution - In the early 1990s, Congress lifted the ban on women flying combat aircraft and serving on combat ships than in January 1994, informed by the report of the Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women to the Armed Forces, then– Secretary of Defense Les Aspin established the current DoD assignment policy for women in the military with a memorandum that stated “that personnel can be assigned to all positions for which they are qualified, except that women shall be excluded from assignment to units below the brigade level whose primary mission is to
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