Dean Blake's Case Study Analysis

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CASE STUDY INTRODUCTION Today 's fast-paced, competitive business environment has resulted in "rediscovery" of the human resource management function as a group that may be able to enhance firm competitiveness and performance by being "strategic" (Dyer & Kochan, 1995; Ulrich, 1997). Strategic Human Resource Management is a term describing an integrated approach to the development of Human Resource Strategy that will enable the organization to achieve its goals (Armstrong, 2005). Whiles strategy is an action that managers take to attain one or more of the organization’s goals. Strategy presents a general direction set for the company and its various components to achieve a desired state in the future. This results from the detailed…show more content…
The existing rift between the dean’s office and the aggrieved staff brought the administration of business to a virtual ‘ground zero’. It is important that the following factors be associated with the causes of these problems; Firstly, Dean Blake’s immediately convened a Strategic Planning Committee without first ‘studying the situation in more detail’ as he promised during his interview. It could be said that, the desire to initiate plans rather than affect the right ones was the bane of Mr. Blake’s challenges. Given that, all workers were used to the existing status quo and were probably comfortable to some extent, from strategy point of view, there was bound to be reactions and resistance to the abrupt change in strategy without due consultations with grassroots and senior staff members. Secondly, Blake’s adopted the committee’s recommendations without recourse to the administration. Broad consultations during a strategic reformation are critical to the success of the strategy. There was the tendency for other staff members to isolate themselves for fear of being seen as standing in the way of their new boss. Thirdly, Dean Blake’s introduction of the intended change in the strategic direction in the Old State University was too soon and appears not to have undergone a thorough critique on the risks of its implementation vis a vis the existence of the previous strategy. More so, Blake’s inability to communicate his vision / plans to the faculty contributed

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