Dean Fuller Case

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Comparative Analysis Paper This paper deals with the various economic impacts of the three different cases that are considered. It is important to go through the cases and recap them before comparison. But, it is always important to deal with the cases in the best way possible because the economic considerations from the c cases brings the best way of dealing with cases in present and also in future. It is very important to control emotions during moments of happiness, sadness and anger because they worsen the situation and they make things even more complicated. This is a very important consideration. It is always advised to follow this consideration and do great at solving complicated cases dealing with the economies. From a lot of cases, the first case which was considered…show more content…
This might have a very bad impact on the organization. It is not right of Fuller to do so without thinking of the future and the circumstances but a slip of tongue might cost a lost. Facing the lawsuit would be one very critical and important thing to consider. This might lead to a lot of disturbance and chaos in the organization which could probably also lead to the downfall of the organization. Paul should personally talk to Dean and try to explain to him what happened and how the process worked and try to calm him down or he should offer him a position in the organization which could make Dean happy and would prevent him from filing a lawsuit. If this is done, Dean would not take any drastic steps and it could also make him feel better because he already feels bad about his disability. The best fit solution would be to come up with a mutual understanding so that both Dean and the organization are happy and nobody is affected by the decision. This matters a lot and will play an important role in this case
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