Dear Americ Book Review

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Kersasp Cawasji
Hist 1302- 5021
Professor Blake Ellis
Aug 10, 2014
Dear America – Book Review ‘Dear America’ is a rather sober look at the war fought in Vietnam from the point of view of the soldiers fighting in it. The book is a collection of 200 letters penned by the soldiers and their families during the war. It is through the simplicity of the writers’ language and the honesty in their words that makes Dear America a history book and not a war novel. Through these readings, the myths of the glories of war are promptly dispelled to make way for the harsh truths that accompany it. War is known to take the humanity out of many a soldier but all that is left of it shines through the pages of their candid, homebound letters. In one such letter to his wife, 2nd Lieutenant Frederick Downs, Jr. writes about the horrors of war. He starts off by talking about all the simple things in life that was taken for granted. The smell of cut grass, the swaying of trees, the colors of autumn; all this meant so much when he was away at war but hardly even noticed when at home. He describes his daily routine to his wife Linda, and says how he and his comrades start off their days by putting on their fighting gear and loading up on ammunition, grenades for fighting, and clothes, medicines and tinned, dehydrated rations for sustenance. He also mentions the terrible conditions they live in. It is damp and muggy all the time and to make it worse, swarms of bugs and mosquitoes pester them every…

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