Essay on Dear America Edithed by Bernard Edelman

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Edited by Bernard Edelman, “Dear America” is a collection of letters written by soldiers during the Vietnam War. Their letters are written to love ones back home such as parents, siblings, and spouses but they are a great depiction of the Vietnam War. The soldiers would write these letters to help keep hope alive and to keep sane. Throughout the book the letters are categorize into those who are barely arriving into the war to those who have been there a long time. The stress and anxiety grows more and more as the letters continue and the soldiers begin to contemplate their situation. I’ve learned a lot of factual things about the Vietnam War throughout my life such as how it began and what the outcome was but reading this book was the first time I learned about what the soldiers were experiencing and the cruel reality of this war. A few letters in “Dear America” I found very interesting and are a good depiction of the Vietnam War.
The first of these letters was written by Robert C. Ransom from New York City. He was shipped to Vietnam in March 1968 and his letter to his parents showed me how oblivious some soldiers were when first coming to Vietnam. In his letter Ransom shows excitement from being shipped to war and how happy he is to get to fight. He begins to feel compassion for the enemy by stating, “For the most part nobody is particularly wild with patriotic feeling.” Here he explains that the Vietnamese aren’t bad people, their just defending what they believe in.…

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