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Dear board of directors, Hello all, my name is David Jamison, MHA. I am representing Marion General Hospital as the committee chairman of the ethics committee. I am currently reviewing the case involving female patient Margie Whitson. The patient is a 95 year old patient whom wishes to have her pace maker “turned off”, due to her unwillingness to live. The death of her only remaining son was the last event that, that had forced her to contemplate the reason why she still lives. Mrs. Margie Whitson is no stranger to loss. When she was younger, she lost her youngest son to a severe motor vehicle accident that took his life at the early age of 30. She injured herself over 10 years ago, and received a hip fracture. Her most recently bout was…show more content…
From a legal stand point, we cannot advocate the process of “euthanasia” in any way shape or form. Marion General hospital stands for health and prosperity, and patient’s wellbeing above all! Dr. Rana Vijay has presented a concern with this request and that he feels she is not sue of this decision and had her to take some time to think of her request. I do not believe that the patient Margie Whitson has consider the doctors ethical beliefs and just assume she would have her wishes granted, just because she asked. The recommendation I am suggesting would include a singed “Do Not Resuscitate-DNR” agreement from Margie Whitson. Her legal guardian notified of her request and Hospice be contacted. This would be in leu of a possible health issues that would arise in the future. And with this in place, her wishes can be granted. Margie Whitson has lived a long full filled life and all of her family is deceased. She has come to terms with all the setbacks in her life and now wishes to just stop her suffering. And if her faith serves her, making the transition into the afterlife will not be painful at all, as she claims. Then who are we, as a large hospital organization to stop this from happening. The legal aspect will be covered, so the hospital will be protected from any law suits that would arise from this situation. A hospital has an ethical point of view that should always include the patient’s best wishes, no matter the medical

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