Dear Death Monologue

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Dear Death,

My name is Markus Zusak, I was born in June 23rd ,1975 in Sydney, Australia. I am still in this world but you are more present in my life than you think.

I am the youngest of four children of an immigrant German mom, Lisa and an Austrian dad, Helmut. Neither of my parents could write or read when they first arrived in Australia, but they always wanted me and my siblings to master the language and always encouraged us to read and communicate in English.

I began writing fiction when I was only 16. Before becoming a professional writer, I was a janitor, a house painter and a high school English teacher. I went to the University of New South Wales and studied English and History. After a lot of work, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Education. In 1999, my first novel, The Underdog, was published, after many initial rejections. The novel, was loosely based on me and my own brother. My second and third novels, Fighting Ruben Wolfe (published in 2000) and When Dogs Cry ( published 2001), were a sequel from my first novel, they were a total success. Fighting Ruben Wolfe received an award from the American Library Association, considered the Best Book for Young Adults. When Dogs Cry received an award for Young Adult Fiction from the Queensland
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The book was vaguely based on my parent’s stories and experiences during WWII. I remember when my mom told me a story about something that happened when she was six. She heard a noise that sounded like cattle being herded down the street. It was people being herded from a concentration camp. There was an old man who couldn’t keep up with everyone else, and a boy gave him a piece of bread. They were both whipped, one for giving the bread, one for taking it. When you see a soldier chase a boy down and beat him to the ground for being kind to somebody, when you see that when you’re six, what could you possibly make of
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