Dear Diary By Howard Schultz Writing

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Dear Diary, this is Howard Schultz writing to you today. I am sitting here reminiscing about my early years at Starbucks. I remember working at Hammarplast, when my curiosity got the better of me, and I wondered why this small coffee shop was ordering so many plastic cone filters. It is worth noting, that I had no ulterior motives when visiting Starbucks in 1981. Subsequently, I was impressed with their operation, and expressed my desire to work with the company. Consequently, it took me over a year to convince them, but eventually, I was awarded the marketing director position. Then, shortly after, during a trip to Milan I discovered the romance of coffee. Interestingly, I knew that there was a way to incorporate what I learned in Milan into the Starbucks brand, I just had to convince the owners. I remember the guys rejecting some of my ideas, thinking that my style was unsuited for the laid back atmosphere. Unfortunately, I was unable to convey my vision effectively, it was never the right time or the right path for those guys. Shortly afterwards, I left to pursue my dreams, of an espresso empire. Surprisingly, a few years later, I found out Starbucks was available to purchase. Somehow, I was able to raise the capital needed to purchase Starbucks, and this is when my dream began to blossom. Thus, I always felt that, I was the only one that was able to envision what the company could be. First, I started with the employees. Moreover, I wanted the employees to feel as if

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