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Dear Dr. Kraemer,
I am a freshman engineering student who recently just finished Dr. Reed's English 110 (W16) class. Throughout the class, I do believe that I have improved my reading and writing skills. I say this due to the reflection of my final grade and the grades of each assignment Dr. Reed assigned. They were seven skills that this class focused on: pre-writing and drafting, rhetorical analysis and argumentation, critical reading, researching and documenting sources, style, revision, and proofreading.
Throughout the class, we practiced pre-writing and drafting by brainstorming for a week on what we would write about for each assignment Dr. Reed assigned. Then we would have another week to complete a final draft. For rhetorical analysis and
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For this assignment we had to research five sources and utilize each source to back up our claim. I claimed that North Korea should not have nuclear weapons in assignment 2. This essay also helped us learn more about researching by making us research sources that can provide evidence for our claims. We practiced documenting sources by writing a works cited page for each of the five sources we used for assignment 2. In addition to researching, we presented a group project about a subject relating to the news. My job for the group presentation was to research about North Korea's nuclear bomb tests and the advancements of science and technology in North Korea. Again, we documented sources by writing a 20-source bibliography used for our group presentation. For critical reading, we had to read and summarize six columns based on the "War on Terror". Summarizing these six articles also helped us learn how to proofread complex articles. We also practiced this critical reading

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