`` Dear Grads, Don 't ' Do What You Love '

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In the article "Dear Grads, Don 't 'Do What You Love ' McCoy states that every year college graduates are urged to do what they love, but that it may be misleading. Often graduates are romanticized into believing they should do what they love, not taking into account how the job market or economy may affect their job prospects. McCoy believes "that its unwise to build a career on the notion that we should all be paid for our passions" That is only the half of it. Instead graduates should find a deeper purpose in their vocation, especially if they may love doing more than one thing. Also when "love what you do" is taken to heart literally, graduates strive to attain it at all costs but as in McCoy’s case, he states, " When you are working two or three jobs and you cannot pay your bills, it doesn 't matter how much you love any of them. You just get worn out." In this article McCoy feels like the solution for the disillusion in college graduates once they have their jobs, is for the commencement speakers to go a different way about how they present their speeches. Such as them "talking about the consequences of meaningful work instead of the motivation for it," or perhaps doing what they do for a purpose. In the midst of emotions at graduation one might literally take to heart the typical “love what you do” speech, but who is to say that’s so wrong? As McCoy stated “that the speech should be balanced in its message with a more timeless message to find work that, even in

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