Dear John

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Your Dad Loves You, I Can Tell, Even If You Can’t
Jael Zimmerman
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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks uses two main characters, John’s father and Tim’s brother Alan, to express the symptoms and complications of the psychological disorder Asperger Syndrome. This disorder is considered a form of autism. People with this disorder will be passionate about one or more topics, but will struggle with daily tasks. The novel provides an extended metaphor through John’s father through his obsessive interest in his coin collection, and is difficulty in forming a relationship and communicating with his son as he attempts to raise him on his own. Evidence from his routine schedule and his trouble in controlling
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She has started a program for children with autism, and owns a farm where she encourages them to ride horses, and help them have fun and to aid with their illness. John sells his dad’s entire coin collection to help find a cure for Tim’s illness (Sparks, 2006). The story ends with the saying that when you really love someone, you think about their happiness, more than your own. The novel presents characters that represent the symptoms and complications of Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Behavior is dysfunctional, when it interferes with a person’s ability to function on a daily basis (Davis&Palladino, 2007). Some of the more common characteristics of Asperger Syndrome include difficulty in communication, problems expressing feelings, devotion to routine, and obsessive interests in one or more topics (Jaffe, 2010). John’s father, Mr. Tyree conveys indication of the psychological disorder in his behavior throughout the entire novel. Even though Mr. Tyree has raised John on his own, during the novel, there is not much communication between the two. As a teenager and even as a adolescence, when John was home his father would greet him the same way every morning simply saying good morning. They would eat breakfast and dinner in silence. When he tried to discuss Savannah in a conversation, he didn’t know what to say. The fact that John could never talk to his

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