Dear My Not A Diary

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Dear my Not-A-Diary, The world is one cruel place to be in. At all times. There is never an exception, not even for the good people of the world. And in this world I met the most wonderful girl. Of course, she has cancer in her, because screw her and her happiness in this messed up world. Of course, it could be worse for her. She could’ve died a long time ago from what she has. But then again, what has being alive gotten her? To meet me. And meeting me is quite lovely. But I do feel like it is more my pleasure than hers for use to meet, this young Hazel Grace. She reminds me of the past, a place where thoughts don’t belong, but she makes now a lot more of a pleasant place. I know we’ll meet again, somehow. Whether I have to go door to door to every house until I find her again or not, I will manage to find her somehow. Unfortunately, I owe meeting her to going into the literal heart of Jesus with Isaac, just to support him as he admits to the fact he’ll lose his eyes. And there she sat. All perfect and familiar but new. I think the moment my eyes met her face, they didn’t leave until she got up and left my sight. And even then, I think I stared at that empty shell of the chair she once sat in for far too long before going to go after her. While Isaac made out with his girlfriend as if he will never be able to ever see her again—oh wait—I went over to her and tried everything I knew to make an impression. But girls with air tanks don’t find

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