Dear Parents Of Esl Students

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Dear Parents of ESL Students,
I want to take a moment and welcome to the U.S. I hope that this immigration will bring you lots of opportunities, joy, and health. Immigration with all the changes and necessary adaptations to the new environment is challenging journey. But, it is doable. I am glad that I am included in your journey. I am more pleasant to be teacher of your children and working hard to make sure they learn and enjoy their time in my classroom.

I put unprecedented amount of time to prepare special type of lessons for your children. I try to speak slowly and clearly, with extra explanation and repetition of any new word. I try to make the classroom a welcome and warm place for your child where he/she can open her mouth and speak a new language without fear of being bullied. As it is a challenge for the Els is for their teachers. Learning language is intense, long, and sometimes frustrating process. So, I believe that without parents’ precious help and encouragement teachers alone cannot win this battle.

Learning language requires full time practice as language itself covers all part of our lives. When ESL students are in school, they spend most of their times sitting in class and listening to and following directions of their teachers which helps them to improve their listening, reading, and vocabulary capacities. However, when it comes to production of a language such as speaking and writing they are not doing so well. To have a grasp of any skill one first…
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