Dear Shakespearian Partisan Theatre Company Analysis

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Dear Shakespearian Partisan Theatre Company, ‘Tis the season of war, heroism, and honor for the country of England and its King. This will come at a cost; the cost of thousands of innocent lives. However, who’s the one responsible for all the bloodshed of the thousands of citizens slaughtered in another country? It would be an honor to carry out Shakespeare’s initial ideas to its full capacity, but I cannot fulfill this deed without the support from your company. With your money, cast, and audience; there is no doubt that anyone will exit the building without an enlightening experience. So, picture this: its 1961, the African colonies are declaring independence from their mother countries. This time period in in the heat of the moment between racial wars, under the supremacy of unruly dictators, and the citizens of some of these countries have no voice. Therefor we should begin our tour in the heart of Africa: the Congo, then spread to the other countries of Africa and expand to the rest of the world. In my mind, I would like to create a parallel between the dictators and Henry and exhibit the high diversity of the English by contrasting theirs with the Congolese societies. However, the spotlight is centered on the king and his…show more content…
The Chorus’s role as a metra-theaterical device is just as important as Henry’s. Instead of having a narrator provide an explanation of the event about to happen, there will be a full chorus to sing/narrate while there is a dramatic interpretation between the characters of the play, there is a little more consideration towards providing the audience an idea of Henry’s internal state during these parts as well to allow a deeper consideration of the progression of Henry. This will be the musical aspect of the play, the interpretation of accents on certain words simultaneous with the dramatic interpretations will provide a detailed approach to the ideas of
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