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Dear State Representative Peter J. Lucido, I am writing in reference to your proposed House Bill 4011 regarding the end of daylight saving time. I appreciate all the hard work you do, and I would like to let you know I’m in full support of your bill. I understand this task may not be easy, as many people are unwilling to do away with daylight saving time.
Daylight Saving Time (DST) has been observed at times in the United States since the early 19th century. DST wasn’t used very widely until World War I, when countries around the world started implementing it in order to conserve fuel during war times. Financially, it’s been suspected that DTS boosts the economy, so people have been for the idea.
I acknowledge that at one point in
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This lack of sleep has many different negative health effects on the body.
Health risks aren’t the only risks that rise on the first Monday after the time change. Car accident rates go up 17%, workplace accidents rise 6% and as a result workers are 67% more likely to miss work due to these accidents (Handwerk). Productivity in the workplace goes down as a result. Many people report that they don’t feel “back to normal” after the time change for days or even weeks.What people don’t realize is the effects of DST on our bodies puts us in sort of a “jet-lag” mode for months until the time is changed again.
I see these effects greatly in my family. This recent time changes has taken it’s toll on my family, specifically my younger siblings. It’s a daily struggle for us to keep the kids on a schedule. Most day’s consist of late mornings to schools, and fights to keep them awake in the late afternoons, when they want to sleep the most. Nothing is worse than trying to wake up your kid an hour earlier than they are used to, only to struggle to haul them off to school in the dark.
Many people feel they benefit from the time change, because it gives them an extra hour of light in the evenings. With the extra light, they believe children are more motivated to participate in outdoor activities, and provides an overall boost in health. It is nice sometimes to have those longer evenings, as people do

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