Dear Us Army Essay

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Dear U.S. Army, There are people in the world who make mistakes and learn from them and there are people who never mistake was smoking In the first place. Failing the drug screen at meps is my consequence. I tried to enlist in the United States Marines Corps. It has been my dream to be a Marine since I was 11 years old. In the 6 th grade when a Marine came to my social studies class and showed the class his devil dog tattoo on his arm it intrigued me to be like this man who stood before me a man of pride commitment honor and selfless service. My mother raised me to be physically and mentally strong; my father raised me to be patient, smart, in control, a man of character and values as a leader. But as I got older I got…show more content…
So in march as I enlisted eagerly I went to my recruiting station and passed the initial drug screen before we drove to meps but ultimately I failed the marines, my recruiter SGT Sosa and mainly myself . I did not do enough to secure my future with the actions on witch I set for my life. I have my first child on the way I’m 23 and constantly switching jobs with only servsafe and a high school diploma as achievements. I want my Daughter to need for nothing like my parents did for me. The reason I’m asking for the opportunity to join the army is not for money or benefits but for the discipline. Doing work for others, my duty for my country, making a contribution to the world to help young men and women like me lost, find their path to success. What I have done to change my future to success is not applying to the army for if you deny me it will rest solely on my shoulders. The things I have started to change are my environment. I have moved back in with my parents for some time now. They are amazing self-driven people who guide me and offer advice. they teach me to ask for serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage for the things I can change and wisdom to know the difference. I have cut off the so called friends who smoke in front of my face instead of support me. With my environment I wanted to work on myself with self- meditation, reading and exercise to take care of the body on witch I was allowed to
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