Dearest Friend : A Life Of Abigail Adams

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Analytical Book Review Dearest Friend: A Life of Abigail Adams is a New York Times bestselling biography, written by Lynne Withey. The contents of the book mainly revolved around the life of Abigail Adams, who became the most influential woman in America’s Revolutionary Period. This happened in large part due to being the wife of patriot John Adams, the nation-state 's significant second president. Throughout her life, and their marriage, Abigail maintained her and John’s farm in Braintree, Massachusetts, bore six children, and sustained an interest in politics as well as current events. John spent years traveling, first to Philadelphia and then to Paris and London, which left her to take care of everything at home, single-handedly. She eventually accompanied John to London, and to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. when he was elected as the vice president and then inaugurated as the president of the United States. Withey’s book also includes much information about the politics and government of the time, while also painting a portrait of Abigail Adams as an intelligent, resourceful, and outspoken woman, as well as involving details of her domestic life, with excerpts from multiple letters that she and John wrote to each other. The reader is able to read these passages and understand the public and reserved sides of Abigail Adams, who was both a believer in the emancipation of slavery and an early feminist, and had advised her husband of keeping women in mind while he
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