Death : A Life Force

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Death is a concept that is associated as terrifying, painful while some associate death with peace and tranquility. The Egyptians did not like death but they believed it was necessary as a stage to pass on to the afterlife. They valued death and believed it to be a phase in the cycle of life. When a person died, they believed his ka, the life force which makes a person human left his body at death. The ka is usually appeased with a offerings to satisfy its needs and has to be close to the body where it spent its life (6.3, Lephoron, 2015) (El Mahdy ,1999, 12). Also, there was the ba who like the ka stays with the person all through their life. The ba was the person’s characteristic that made them unique like their personality. The ba left the person’s body at death but always returned back at night. The Egyptians performed fancy rituals to the dead so the Ka could be free to unite with the ba to make spirit akh that transitioned to a new life with the gods. The unification was of dire importance as it prevented the deceased from dying again, a death in which there is no return (9 Roba, 13, 1999).Christians believe in the soul, the immortal entity placed into our body at birth and leaves at death. It required no fancy rituals to enter nor leave the body. This concept ties back to the monotheism and polytheism where there could only be one soul as a result of the only one God.
After the death occurred, the body is washed, purified and embalmed, so the body could be kept
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