Death And Death Of Death

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Death is defined as the permanent end of something that is not alive; a cease to existence; the absence of life. It is human to fear death. It is human to fear the unknown. It is human to fear. Our society has engrained in our heads that death is something to mourn. That it is the end to all good things. That death is unjust. We visualize death as a thing that is filled with darkness, colored in black, and cold in its non-existing soul. I first pictured that when I walked into room 2218 at Emory University Hospital.
I saw death stand over my best friend. I saw death taunt and watch his suffering and pain. I saw death waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger and steal his precious life away. I saw death being amused by our sorrow. But I also saw the same familiar smile I knew since second grade greet me as I entered the room door. That smile belonged to my best friend, Clay Mote. Standing at 6’ 3” Clay was tan, had brown hair, a perfect nose and a chiseled chin, a smile that was always genuine and big blue eyes that could make any girl fall in a trance if they stared too long. Clay was incredibly athletic having played multiple sports at his high school like football, baseball, and lacrosse. But I did not like Clay for his perfect brown hair or his deep blue eye, or even the stupid dance he would do after scoring a touchdown. I liked him for his mid. Clay was the most intelligent person I knew. He was school smart and was involved in many school…

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