Death And King 's Horseman By Wole Soyinka

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Death and King’s Horseman by Wole Soyinka and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe both take place in Africa but in different areas. Authors Soyinka and Achebe, created main characters that came from different tribes, but experienced similar cultural clashes, which led to an issue of suicide within African culture. The context of these books’ view on suicide differs in each culture. Although each work has a different attitude toward suicide, both deal with it through the characters, Elisen from the Yoruba tribe in Death and King’s Horseman and Okonkwo from the Igbo tribe in Things Fall Apart, within their own African cultures. Elisen and Okonkwo have a different way of living , yet they are both led to question their own character, family relations, and make life-changing decisions. Okonkwo, the lead character in Things Fall Apart, commits suicide after he has lost political independence to colonialism. This is occasioned by the fact that his clansmen do not follow him into battle against the colonialists. Throughout the story, Okonkwo desires to be seen as the symbol, the perfect example, the individual who represents the archetype of Umuofian culture and values. His strong individualism is questioned when the white colonialists arrive. Okonkwo’s epiphany at realizing that his community does not share in his desire to get rid of them only becomes clear in the face of looming colonial domination. He says: “Worthy men are no more…The greatest obstacles in Umuofia is that
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