Death And Tragedy Of Seaworld

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Hurry up, come on down, and take a trip to one of Orlando, Florida’s most famous theme parks, SeaWorld! Grab your friends, family, kids and neighbors to peer in on SeaWorld’s most prized possession… Shamu, a spectacular look on an Orca whale’s magnificence as you watch them fly, loop, and dive through the air into the nearly oceanic waters… this is what they want you to think anyway. Behind SeaWorld’s thick, poorly patched walls, lies a blanket that cascades over all the dark lies and secrets. A story of death and tragedy is told and soon, the truth unveils. Disease stricken and uncared for, these orcas are drowning in tanks the size of bathtubs. They need their family, their pod, their home--the ocean. From improper dental care to malnutrition, the whales are not even fed correctly. Even if SeaWorld increased the tank size, it would still not be enough. Just like us, orcas need to be with their pods, or family, due to the psychological and physical attachment they have on them in order to survive in the wild. Although SeaWorld’s ‘Shamu’ show has brought in over 2.5 billion dollars into the entertainment industry, the orcas of the park should be set free due to the decrease of psychological and physical health, resulting in a declination of the whale’s average lifespan in captivity. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment was officially founded in 1964. In the first year, it grew into a twenty-one acre seapark that sat along the shore of Mission Bay, 400,000 visitors walking
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