Death As Depicted In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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I found that writing this discussion paper was what would be the easiest, most engaging thing for me. Death has always fascinated me; it amazes me, confuses me, and even makes me sad. What comes after death? Nobody knows, nobody, everyone has their own beliefs but beliefs aren’t typically based on science. In class we discussed how Victor Frankenstein was playing “God” and defying the “laws” of death by creating life out of leftover body parts and electricity. I don’t think his motive was to be like, “oh I want to play ‘God’”, but more so, “I’m tired of losing people; I want more control over these aspects of life”. I think saying he was playing “God” had a negative vibe to it, but saying he just wants more control over this terrible part of life is more positive. In reality we all want more control over life and death. When you’re my age death seems so scary. I haven’t done anything, no accomplishments, I haven’t made anything of myself how can I die I’m not ready. Elderly people seem more at ease with death than youths and I find that interesting.…show more content…
Our job right now is to make her comfortable so she can move on. I don’t want her to move on, I want her to stay. I feel powerless, just like Victor probably felt. I can’t make her better; I can’t even make her pass sooner. I wish I could take this into my own hands, just like Victor did. I want to have some control over this situation, but I can’t. Death does things to those that live. I can understand why Victor would have this type of reaction towards death. It is something that happens to almost every live creature, there is no stopping it. We don’t know what happens afterwards and that seems scarier than actually
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