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	How would you cope if you were going to die? In the memoir Death Be Not Proud by John Gunther, his son Named Johnny is faced with this situation. At an early age, Johnny was found with a brain tumor, and struggles to survive. Johnny later died from the brain tumor. Johnny was loved by many people; much of whom tried his/her best to help Johnny through this ordeal. Although Johnny was faced with death, Johnny faced death with courage throughout the book.

Even though Johnny was faced with death, he faced death with courage. Johnny showed that, by keeping a positive attitude through this whole ordeal. Johnny’s hope, positive attitude, and courage kept his death at bay, even in the face of terrible pain and incurable illness.
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Although he realized that eventually his life would end, he still never gave up the hope that perhaps he could outsmart his fate to die, if just to steal a few extra hours.

	This illness Johnny had was incurable, and Johnny knew that, but Johnny had such hope he didn’t believe that. Later in the book, Johnny finally accepts he is going to die. " A desperate charging hope shone in his eyes. Very slowly the hand went up. He felt his head tentatively, felt it again with full palm, and then, limply, helplessly, hopelessly, the hand fell down, and this was the only time I ever saw his eyes actually spill over with tears."(p85) Johnny finally realized that death was a possibility now. Throughout his battle with the brain tumor, Johnny’s dad recalls that this moment was the only time Johnny ever shed a tear. The doctors finally come to a conclusion about Johnny’s condition. " He’s dying. Shall we do anything or not?" (p110) Now that Johnny knew he was going to die, he had nothing to look foreword to, but he still kept a positive attitude and faced death with courage. Each day, until his last, the determination Johnny had to get well and to live a normal life was phenomenal.

If Johnny had any fears of death, they were unknown because of his consideration for others and not wanting to burden others with his troubles. Johnny was always strong and

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