Death By Landscape Analysis

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Social and physical environments are an integral part of a well developed story. The physical environment is a stage for the introduction of characters. The Stage will immerse the characters within a story and give it context. Social environments are defined by external social constraints. These constraints are used to build and define a culture. The social constraints of a culture will place bounds and limits to the actions of it’s members. This paper will briefly discuss the importance of Social and physical environments, within “Paul’s Case “by Willa Cather and “Death by Landscape” by Margret Atwood

Willa Cather introduces the audience to Paul who lives in two distinct worlds. The industrialized middle class neighbourhoods of Philadelphia. Contrasted by the beautiful world of theatre and art, at Carnegie hall. Paul feels trapped by the mundane existence of the middle class, and is drawn towards his idealized life. A life of quality and meaning, full of beautiful people and interesting things.

After each of these orgies of living he experienced all the physical depression which follows a debauch; the loathing of respectable beds, of common food, of a house penetrated by kitchen odours; a shuddering repulsion for the flavourless, colourless mass of everyday
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The painting hanging on her wall are more than just a reflection of the past. The paintings symbolize her inability to recognize Lucy’s pain. The relationship between the two girls is limited by an invisible social constraint. Lois has an idealized perception of Lucy’s. She holds Lucy in such high regard, that she is unable to recognize lLucy’s pain. This was a crippling social construct between the two friends. Lucy enjoyed bragging about her life and she loved the attention from Lois. The paintings are a reminder of Lois’s inability to accept the weakness of Lucy, or the idea that she could need her

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