Death City: A Narrative Fiction

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Kid ended the protection ritual satisfied that no man, woman, child, or Shinigami-sama himself, would be passing through the grounds tonight. "No-one violates the sanctity of my home and lives," He spoke, grinding his angry words through his teeth. He had made this a safe place. A place where he felt Patty and Liz could live unburden by the dark world they had come from. Sure, the place was a bit spooky here and there, but so was the rest of Death City. That sanctity had been violated tonight, and he was infuriated. How the hell had that witch even managed to enter the threshold of the building anyway? Kid had noticed right away that the witch didn't possess a soul and was propelling herself on sheer magic alone. That should have been impossible, after all, without a soul, what were you? A mindless husk. 'No.' Kid thought…show more content…
No magic in the world could block a oni from entering. If they had been summoned to do harm to another. They were death magic. Magic used primarily by undead things, and monsters, and high density demonic and ravenous ghost. That witch was another story though, she was tangible and not made of magic and spells, yes she was a form of the undead like the Oni but having a body made rules. Witches used magic and magic also has rules that limit it. A witch should not have been able to cross into a home without breaking a threshold magic. Public spaces were one thing because they didn't bare a threshold, but a home, well there are certain magic's that protects a home from unwanted invasion by magical forces. Whoever had sent the Oni must have known that, but whoever had sent the zombified witch had not, or new that the witch could somehow overcome these boundaries. That witch would be a hell of a lot stronger if she had been intelligent enough to break the threshold magic that suppress
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