Death Comes Swift Essay

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Death comes swift. I lied awake in bed, unsure of what would happen to me now that Nan was dead. She was all I had for the last 16 years, and while she wasn't accepting of who, what, I am... I know she still had some love for me. My thoughts swirled in my head much as they had for the past week: "where will I go?", "What if they find out about me?", "What if I am discovered?" I knew from my grandmother that something terrible would happen if anyone discovered my... abilities. By the age of nine I had been aloof and withdrawn in school, fearful that I might reveal myself to someone. She forced me to church with her, begging the lord to extract my "devil's gifts" as she called them. I had one saving grace with my abilities, she never…show more content…
I rolled the cheap rental fabric of the sleeve between my fingers before walking to my dresser and pulling out my underwear. I grabbed a pair of plain boxers from the front and looked down at the boring pattern. "Might as well be a little different" I muttered, as i pulled the old drawer all the way out, feeling around for the pair of fitted boxer briefs I had secretly gotten for myself. The pale blue went well with my pale skin, the spunky girl at the store said so herself. It was one of the few acts of rebellion I had done up to that point. I still remembered how nervous I was going into the alternative store in the local mall, I shook as I looked at all the crude jokes and sexual things inside. She came up out of nowhere and asked if I needed any help. I stammered out "No, I-I'm alright thanks." She must have known I was nervous because she just smirked and said "Here let's find you a souvenir." I only nodded and followed her around the store as she asked me about what I liked, what I was into, etc. I couldn't help but stair at her amazingly colored hair, it shimmered in the dim light like a peacocks feathers; radiating out from a vibrant green, to blue, and purple. As we passed by the "sexy" underwear section of the story, my eyes landed on the pair of underwear. Right away she noticed and said "Great choice! I bet he'll love them" with a wink. I clammed up as soon as she said 'he', and of
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