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Death’s (the narrator) fascination with the colors of the sky functions as imagery. It helps set the mood of the story.
Death’s eagerness to observe different colors indicates his indecision about whether the human race is good or evil. In his analysis, human beings are capable of being either good or bad.

Death merges these colors into the Nazi flag; a black swastika in a white circle surrounded by a field of red.

Zusak compares the sky with soup when Himmel Street gets destroyed by bombs.

The Gravedigger’s Handbook is the first book Liesel steals. For Liesel, the book represents great loss, sorrow and her feelings of abandonment because of her brother’s death and her mother’s abandonment.
The irony in Himmel (Heaven)
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The “giant blue eye” is a just God.

The complete Duden Dictionary and Thesaurus is a gift to Liesel from Ilsa Hermann. It marks a phase in their friendship. In addition, the dictionary is a tool to pursue her calling as a word shaker.

This passage suggests that humans desire understanding more than food. The Jews never thought it would come to this. Everything changes when the parade of Jews come through Molching. Hans offers one of the Jews a piece of bread and is whipped by Nazi guards. Hans is afraid the Nazis will search his house and find Max. The house is never searched but Hans is drafted into the German army.
The irony in this is that Alex Steiner didn’t want to send Rudy to the school because it was dangerous. However, if he did, he probably would have saved his life.
In Max’s story, Hitler grows a forest of propaganda-bearing trees but a young girl plants an indestructible tree from a seed of friendship. She stays at the top until her friend meets her there. When they climb down, the tree falls, smashing Hitler’s forest. Although most people returned to his forest, others quietly followed the two friends. Despite the violence against Jews in Nazi Germany, there were a number of Germans who disagreed with Nazism. Max’s story aims to encourage Liesel to be willing to counter words of hatred with words of love.
Ironically, a plane like the one Rudy sees here is like

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