Death Foretold Reflective Statement

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Pramod Narayanan
Mr. Sabram
IB English 11, Mods 1-2
24 February 2016
Chronicle of a Death Foretold Reflective Statement
Societal expectations play a huge role in the development of Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The interactive oral discussed the role of males and females in society. Females in society are obliged to assume chauvinistic societal values, while men are expected to epitomize a machismo attitude.
Women in Chronicle of a Death Foretold and also Latin American culture have accepted themselves as the ‘inferior’ gender. Societal values in Latin America have normalized a chauvinistic attitude. For example, the text provided Pura a reason for her sacrifice saying that she cared for her husband and reared her children. Pura essentially
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However, as the narrator describes a multitude of events, the reader begins to question the fruitlessness of his efforts, as the gathering of information from the past cannot simply recreate an event that altered an entire village for a lifetime. Evaluating both the narrator’s desires to revisit the past and the foretold events leading up to Santiago’s murder, Chronicle of a Death Foretold explores the way the past and future impose upon present existence through the actions of the narrator and the written examples of Angela’s…show more content…
The narrator discovers, through his attempts to recreate the experience, that time itself is a far more interconnected quantity than he previously imagined. He recognizes that alterations time may make cannot be reproduced; rather, he attempts to describe the events chronologically, showing how each event may impact another. However, the novel ultimately states that the capability of the present, as seen through Angela’s letter-writing, allows an individual free-will over human experience. Simply, the individual is never powerless against the passage of time; however, the past and future may alter the previously sought out result

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