Death, Grief, and Redemption in The Lovely Bones

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Death is the unfortunate event in which the people on this Earth have to embrace as a part of life. Most can relate to death in some way whether it be by relating to someone who has died or being close to someone that has lived this eventual nightmare everyone can relate to death and grief in some type of way. According to the OED, grief is the “... act or fact of dying; the end of life; the final cessation of the vital functions of an individual.” Death and grief are forever in the lives of death’s victims, with no known cure, just nullified existence to help lessen the pain. As the grieving process becomes an essential element to families affected by death, a developing mentality can be forever shaped by the components of death, grief,…show more content…
The “New Memoir” introduced by Oates as the, “memoir of sharply focused events, very often traumatic, in distinction to the traditional life-memoir,” offers a modernist take on the otherwise yore novel. Exploring the survival of Susie and her family, Susie’s witness to her family’s scarring creates “sympathetic characters” (Oates) that allow Sebold to accurately inspire the justice of Susie’s death, allowing the audience to connect to the impact that death has on the Salmon family. As the Salmon family experiences the mechanics of death and grief, the concept that grief can never truly be overcome forces the reader to be cognizant of the consequences that accompany death. From the novel, the reader can assume that grief affects everyone differently as Sebold creates a characterization of each member of the Salmon family by how they respond to Susie's death; Jack Salmon's guilt, Abigail Salmon's burden of a dead child, and Lindsey Salmon's "Walking Dead Syndrome” (Charles) all help establish a representation of the emotional journey associated with death. Additionally, Susie conjointly undergoes her own grief as she ultimately discovers that heaven is not perfect- that even in the most cosmic surroundings, a mundane moment is inevitably precious, and together these characteristics would create a schizoid relief. Comparably,

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