Death Is A Far Better Option Than Living

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Currently, there are patients with severe illnesses and extreme physical incapacitations who believe that death is a far better option than living. As a result, the right to die has been slowly paving the way for individuals to legally cause their own deaths. Free will dictates that humans have mastery of their thoughts, actions and bodies. Democratic societies agree with the logic of free will, so long as individual 's respect the laws stated by society. If so, shouldn 't people be within their right to choose their time of death? In the following essay, we will explore the complexities of choosing death over life. If death is chosen, do the benefits outweigh the price of dying?

Let 's assume you have been diagnosed with a severe illness or have an extreme physical incapacitations.The likeness of living for a long time has now become unlikely and/or the quality of your life has decreased over the years. Advances in medicine have made it possible to live longer and/or physical therapies and surgeries have only slightly restored your physical capabilities. Medication, and medical procedures under these circumstances have become very costly and can become an economic burden to families. The economic, emotional, and social toll it takes on families with individuals who are approaching this scenario have considered other ways of lessening the toll. Euthanasia has been taken under consideration when an individual has come to terms that the quality of life they are living is no…
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