Death Is Death And The Idea Of Death

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Throughout American literature there are several themes that one can find and explore. All you must do is to look and interpret what you are reading. One such theme is death and the idea of death. Death has always been in the collective conscious of Americans because, it is, well, inevitable. It is most certainly coming for each and every one and is inescapable. A common phrase in today’s culture is “only two things are certain in this world; death and taxes.” Death has always stirred mysticism and aversion, maybe even fear in the hearts of women, men and children alike. Death, in the past, has come sooner to many due to plague, diseases and lesser heath cares so characters in older poems were younger at their time of death. It makes since that authors tap into this emotion and this mystery that surrounds death. Human nature tends to fear things unknown and death is certainly an unknown except for the truth that death, one day, will come to you. When you begin to think of the death motif in writings one author that immediately comes to mind is Edgar Allen Poe. Poe often talks about death and beauty where the much of the focus and narration is placed on a recently deceased younger woman character without the woman’s physical presence in the poem. Works like “The Raven” “Annabel Lee” and “The Tell Tale Heart” have obvious implications to death. Let us consider “Annabel Lee”, “The Raven”, and “Lenore”. These poems have a similar theme, the death of the much liked female…

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