Death Is Inevitable By John Donne Essay

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Death is inevitable. At times, death may see as the starting of a new chapter. An example of this is Meditations XVII by John Donne, the speaker talks about how everyone has a path in life and God is the one that decides who dies and who doesn 't. By many, death is seen with fear, anger, denial, and grieve. In the poem, I Felt a Funeral in My Brain by Emily Dickinson, the speaker appears to be losing her mind and uses funeral as a metaphor; a representation of the speaker 's emotions dying. For me, death is a way for a person to start a new chapter. Perhaps even a better “life”. John Donne was an English poet; he was born in 1572 into a catholic family, which influenced his way of seeing death. In 1601 he got married to the 16 year old Anne More and in 1617 she passed away after giving birth to their 12th child. The death of his beloved impacted John Donne life drastically and all the love poems where going to die just how his love did. As John health began to fail, he became obsessed with the concept of death and he even wrote a pre funeral sermon which was charismatic and inventive. Losing someone you love forever is not easy, but at the end Donne learned how to deal with his emotions by changing his point of view on things. Throughout meditations XVII you can easily point out that he is sad but he never loses hope. Emily Dickinson was born in 1830, she lived most of her life isolated from the world, the people that she had contact with really impacted her life. She was
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