Death Is Just The End

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“What is the meaning of life?” This a question that we hear quite often. Many people search their entire lives looking for the answer. It is a question that has stumped philosophers, humbled the wise, and opened the imagination of our youth. On the contrary, a question that we don’t hear as often would be, “what is the meaning of death?”. In order to answer this, we have to notice the fact that life and death are two separate things that work cohesively in two ways. The first is that one’s life is what will make their death so meaningful. We also see the opposite of this, where one’s death is what makes their life so meaningful. This is seen when looking at Jesus’ life and death in the book of Mark. Contrary to the believe that death is…show more content…
“Just after breathing his last breath on the cross a centurion man stated “Truly, this man was God’s son!’” (Harper Collins, 1756-57). This man was the first person of many to become a believer because of Jesus’ death. We see this trend continued three days later Jesus was resurrected as promised and people realized who he really was. After resurrecting he appears to the disciples and says “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.” (Harper Collins, 1758). Without dying and resurrecting his life wouldn’t be seen as any more significant than anyone else’s. He wouldn’t have given the disciples any reason to spread the good news and therefore wouldn’t have had a lasting effect on people even to this day. An example that shows the relationship between life and death in the opposite direction is Vivian Bearing in the movie Wit. This movie is about a woman named Vivian Bearing who has stage four ovarian cancer. As part of her treatment she agrees to be a part of a testing treatment that is new and has very low chance of being successful. Throughout the movie we learn that she was extremely intelligent especially when it came to literature and had a passion for learning and teaching. Although she was very strict on her students, she wanted them to reach their fullest potential when it came to academics and demanded a
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