Death Is Not Bad For Anyone

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Death is not Bad for Anyone Epicurus writes, the argument that death is nothing to us, because when we exist, death is not yet present, and when death comes, we no longer exist. There are three reasonable previews to support his view, including: something is bad for someone as long as it must be bad for that person at specific time; Death cannot be bad for someone when they are dead because the person does not exist at that time; Death cannot be bad for someone before death actually come. Among these three reasonable previews, Epicurus draw his conclusion that because there is no time at which death is bad for someone, so death is not bad for anyone. I’m agree with that “Death is not bad for anyone”, because death can’t affect us since we are died. Although the objection is reasonable, I still think the Epicurus’s response is stronger. The objection is that death can be bad because it is a deprivation of the good things in life. Our life is full of good things. We have time that we stay with our parents or hang out with our friends; we have time that we do our hobby and go traveling to see the world; we have time that we go shopping and eat delicious foods; though there are still sometimes bad things happens, it emphasis happiness in our life and make our life colorful. However, if we died, we no longer have time to enjoy it. All the happy moments, money, gorgeous house, people we loves, things we have experienced and not experienced disappear since we are died. For

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