Death Is Not Death?

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Throughout our lives we have instinctually feared what is considered the most horrible, yet inevitable fate of all mankind; death. We spend our entire lives fearing death as well as theorizing and developing ways to live longer and put off our own eventual demise. Death is universally feared, even from a young age we are aware of the fact that death is the ultimately the worst thing that could possibly happen to any mortal being. Death is defined as the “permanent ending of vital processes in a cell or tissue”. When thought of in these terms death does not seem like anything to be so greatly feared, it simply sounds like a scientific fact of life, so why is it that the fear of death is so prevalent? It appears that death is feared because we fear punishment from God for our previous actions, as well as because of the fact that we are concerned about not accomplishing our goals before we perish and of course because we have such a strong fear for the unknown. Epicurus however did not have any fear of death, he believed that death was simply nothing to us and that fearing being dead was senseless because we would not be present to actually experience it. According to Epicurus we should not fear death because our soul dies along with our bodies, because it is irrational to fear nonexistence as we have experienced it before and lastly because fearing death can only take away from us enjoying the short time we have on earth.
Epicurus himself was a firm believer in the

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