Death Is Not Master By Thomas Miller

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Let them die – They want eternity In May Miller’s Poem “Death is not Master” the persona explains that death is not the master that will increase the desperation but it is a way to become eternally calm. Many poems on the topic of death explain how it is as powerful of a thing that fears the existence of human beings, but Miller’s persona death is a way to achieve eternal serenity. She explains death as something that can end all the worldly tears, desires and tension and transform the human memory into a sculpture which is unaware of tensions. Miller’s persona believes that blocking death will be unfair as it will be a barrier to the everlasting happiness and calmness that lies inside the grave. Miller’s persona is an elaboration of Christian beliefs that death ends all worldly problems as an eternal life starts after the death. The eternal life of a human or corpse after death is same as that of ‘sculpture’ which shines at night and remain in one place free of all tensions and problems. As the life after death is full of calmness and happiness, so it must not be blocked and everyone must welcome it to gain the everlasting lasting life. Thus, in Miller’s perspective death is not the master; instead, it is the slave of eternal life of serenity and calmness that lies ahead. So, no one should try to become a barrier by blocking the death. Repetition of ‘you’ six times and ‘I’ three times creates the relationship between ‘I’ and ‘You’ who love each other a lot and never want
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