Death Is Not The End

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Introduction “Throughout human history, people have refused to accept the finality that death brings to life. Death brings an unacceptable, sudden interruption to one’s work, plans, and relationships. Though the inscription on many tombstones often reads, "Rest in Peace," the truth of the matter is that most people do not welcome the peaceful rest of the grave. They would rather be alive and productive” (Samuele Bacchiocchi). As a Christian it is important as a Christian to understnd that death Is not the end. If we live our lives according to god’s will and repent, we will have eternal life. By definition, Eternal life is defined as continued life after death. As a Christian woman, obtaining Eternal life is very important to me. The question is how will I get there, how must we get there? Living in a sinful world, where temptation is ever present, we must all try to live a righteous life according to what God would see fit for us to do. In this essay, I will define what eternal life is, and how one can obtain it. A Christian’s View on Death According to my Pastor, “You cannot life a christian life until you understand a christian views on death” (Bent). I believe that as Christians, our views of death must be based on the truthfulness of God’s revelation to us in His Word, not on the speculations people make of God’s word. As humans, it is only natural that we tend to avoid thinking or talking about death unless it is absolutely necessary. As quoted by author William
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