Death Is Something Inevitable?

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Death is something inevitable for everyone and everything on this earth. Living creature has intuitive fear toward death. After Adam and Eve ate the fruit of tree of knowledge of good and evil, they possessed the knowledge and virtue, which as God said, the only difference between divine and human now is the difference between immoral and moral. One of reason that God banished Adam and Eve from Garden of Eden is that they are unable to eat of tree of life, forbidden from transiting from mortal human to immoral divine. (note of Genesis 3.22-24) Since then, every single human being suffers from the unfathomable fear toward death as a concomitant of possession of intelligence that other inferior species of animal do not own. Powerful figures in history always wanted to find a way to be immortal, no matter what it takes. Sadly none of them succeeded. There are plenty of people from ancient time to now trying to explain the meaning of death. Lucretius is one of them. However, as an Epicureanism materialist, he thinks that death is nothing to fear. When people die, minds and spirits will be gone too. Everything becomes free atoms back to the nature. Meanwhile in the extraordinary human history, there are a number of people choosing something more significant over their own life. Lucretia in ancient Rome commits suicide after Sextus Tarquinius raped her. Her suicides not only changed the destiny of a country but also reveals something indeed more valuable for human being than his…
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