Death Is Something That Is Extremely Challenging To Process

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Death is something that is extremely challenging to process; even more so as a child. Therefore, children most of the time do not understand death and are confused about reasoning behind the loss. At this stage in a child’s life, they do not have the tools that are needed to deal with this kind emotional turmoil. Bereavement of a parent can traumatize a child so badly that it can affect him or her later in adulthood. Under those circumstances, psychological treatment should be obtained for the child after bereavement has taken place. In Angela Kanini Kaberia’s article, “Influence of early parental loss on the psychological functioning and sense of identity among young adults in Meru County, Kenya”, there were numerous…show more content…
“According to Bowlby (1980), seral post death conditions of bereaved children, such as the need for continuous care from familiar attachment figures, availability of caregivers sensitive to their bereavement needs, and their limited understanding about death, makes them prone to poor observations, expressions and articulations, which may make them miss out on the actual significance of the loss” (Kaberia,2016,182). Consequently, mourning and grief may not be expressible at the right time. It will become something called “grief in waiting” (Kaberia, 2016, 182). Grief in waiting is when an individual suppresses grief until a later time. Therefore, this allows the grief never truly be dealt with and the mourning process cannot be fully completed. Notably, compulsive self-reliance, blame and guilt, desire to die, and persistent anxiety are just a few symptoms that these adults who experienced early parental death go through (Dilworth & Hildreth,1997-1998 cited in Kaberia,2016,182). In addition, “Research has confirmed that early parental loss is associated with outbursts and loneliness (Murphy, 1986-87), depression, suicidal ideation and over- protectiveness, (Zall, 1994) and mental health (Dietrich, 1984 all cited in Kaberia, 2016, 182). To be noted an observation made by a man of the name James William Worden in 1996, that to understand the consequences of bereaved children that we
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