Death Is The Worst Outcome At The Age Of 21

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Even though fighters have trainers to help them make the massive weight cut, there can still be problems that arise during this dangerous procedure. There have been a handful of deaths that has happened while fighters try to lose the last few pounds. The most recent death was in December 2015 when Yang Jian Bing died at the age of 21 years old (Perez). This unfortunate death was the second of 2015 that was due to weight cutting for a fight (Perez). Death is the worst outcome to come out of weight cutting; however, many fighters can be seriously harmed as well during the process. Renan Barao, former UFC champion, had to pull himself from his fight because he fainted during the weight cutting process and was sent to the hospital (Huang). Another UFC fighter, Johnny Hendricks, was hospitalized due to intestinal blockage and kidney stones the day before the weigh-ins due to cutting weight (Perez). A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2013 reported that 39% of the 40 MMA fighters it studied had “significant or serious dehydration” 22 hours after weigh-ins (Perez). Serious dehydration can lead to many health problems such as low blood pressure, kidney problems, seizures, and even death. With 40% of combat sports athletes experiencing serious dehydration when they cut weight, it is not surprising that there have been serious injuries and deaths associated with the weight cutting process. Weight cutting not only affects the athlete during the
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