Death Is an Abstract Concept: A Discussion

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Presentation Outline Describe the purpose and at least four major points of the article. Children do not understand death in the same manner as adults. Adults understand death as a natural part of the cyclical nature of life, but children cannot grasp this. There are four subconcepts which create this difference between adult and child: irreversibility, finality or non-functionality, causality, and inevitability (Bonoto 2013, page 48). Death is an abstract concept meaning that it is not something which can be explained through objectivity. Things which are not concrete are not understood until a level of mental maturity has been reached, no sooner than age seven (Bonoto 2013, page 48). Abstract concepts such as life, love, and death require a level of cognitive development that most young children simply do not yet possess. Children who have had a close association with death, such as a personal experience or a prolonged illness are potentially more likely to understand death at a younger age (Bonoto 2013, page 49). This has not been universally acknowledged or verified according to research because some children with personal experience with death do not have a better understanding than the general population. Drawings have proven to be an ideal way for psychologists and researchers to understand and analyze the emotions of children and their perceptions of death and the grief process (Bonoto 2013, page 50). The research discussed in this article verifies that this
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