Death Knock By Woody Allen

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Have you ever think about what will you see after death? In Christianity, people believe in going to paradise or hell after we dead. In Chinese society, people believe in transmigration, which allows our soul go into another body without our memory. I do not believe in any religion so I have no idea where will we go after dead. However, no matter where will we go, I bet most of the people will regret for something in their entire life. For example, we did not treasure the time with friends and family, try to finish our unachievable task or pursue our dream. In Death Knock, Woody Allen distributes a different perspective of life and death which make myself to think deeply about life and dead. In the play Death Knock, the main character Nat is living as an old dress manufacturer in Brooklyn. One day, the death comes to find him and tell him Nat is dead. Nat does not believe that until he saw death’s neck is almost break his neck climbing in the bedroom window. Unlike the death in movie or religion, Allen gives us a new perspective of death’s outlook. Death might look exactly same as us and we can talk, argue or negotiate with the death, such as Nat requested “Nat: Give me some time. Another day” (Allen, P.1282). I have never think of how does the death looks like since I am a teenagers and death seems so far away from us. But when I am getting older and older, I start to realize that death is pop out in my life, some strangers in my life disappear and they would not appear

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